In-Office Hysteroscopy

We provide hysteroscopy services that includes safe, effective family planning methods, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic procedures which include:

  • Essure
  • IUD checkups for missing IUDs
  • IUD removal

Essure Sterilization

The Essure system uses two small coils made of metal and fiber that are inserted into the fallopian tubes through the vagina to prevent pregnancy. Over time, scar tissue forms around the coils, blocking sperm from reaching eggs during intercourse.

Benefits of Essure Sterilization include:

  • Effectiveness
  • Permanence – no need to use other methods of contraception (once sufficient time has passed)
  • Convenience
  • No need for general anesthesia
  • No hospital stay
  • No visible scar
  • Very few long-term side effects
  • No interference with a woman’s natural menstrual cycle because it is hormone-free
  • Most health insurance plans provide coverage for the procedure

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NovaSure endometrial ablation is a quick, safe, and simple procedure used treat heavy menstrual flow. The procedure uses no hormones and is not a hysterectomy.

Benefits of NovaSure include:

  • Fewer side effects than pills
  • 90% effective rate – most women experience dramatic or complete reduction in menstrual bleeding
  • Quick – this is a one-time, five-minute procedure that is performed at our clinic
  • No abdominal scarring
  • Rapid recovery – you can be back on your feet as soon as the next day

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IUD Removal

When you are ready to start a family or it is time to remove your IUD for other reasons, we can perform the procedure in-office quickly and safely.

Abnormal Pap Smears

An abnormal Pap test can indicate many things. Some of the more common causes of an abnormal pap smear include infections, inflammation, and precancerous lesions. In order to determine whether you are at risk for progressing to cervical cancer, we will evaluate the results and determine if further testing is necessary if your test results are abnormal.


One of the most common follow-up treatments after an abnormal Pap smear is a colposcopy. This is a simple 10 to 15 minute procedure that is painless and performed in our office.

The benefits of a colposcopy test include:

  • Detecting abnormalities as soon as possible, increasing the success of treatment

The procedure allows your doctor to examine suspicious areas of the cervix, as well as any vascular changes. If possible, your doctor will take a tissue sample from the abnormal area to send it for further evaluation. Additional procedures might be performed during the colposcopy.


LEEP is short for Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure and is sometimes performed during a colposcopy. It is one of several procedures your doctor has available to help treat abnormal cervical cells.

During LEEP, a thin wire loop electrode is attached to an electrosurgical generator, which transmits a painless electrical current to cut abnormal cervical tissue. The abnormal cells rapidly heat and burst, separating the tissue as the loop wire moves through the cervix. The procedure takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

The benefits of LEEP include:

  • 90% effective rate for removing abnormal cells related to cervical dysplasia and early stage cervical cancer
  • Cells are removed intact, so they can be further examined and used to determine whether there is progression beyond early stages of abnormality